Benefits of Medicare Supplement plans are in plenty

Medicare supplement Insurance plans are not issued by the government; instead it is available from the United Healthcare, Humana or Blue Cross, private companies. However, the advantage is that the Federal laws have made all the insurance plans as standardized. There are F plan provided by multiple companies, yet they are not different from the Medicare rule. Thus anyone can compare the same plan F with two companies and they will get the exact coverage. However, the price may not be the same. Conversely, as further clarification, it is also true that each private company insurance plan is the same as their competitors. Thus you buy plan C or Plan N, from any insurance company, the plans are identical.

The fact is that each insurance company plans ahead which Medigap policies it will take to selling. Insurance companies selling Medicare supplement plans policies:

  • Need not provide every Medigap plan.
  • Must offer Plan A Medigap, in case they offer Medigap policy
  • Must offer Plan F or C , in case they offer any plan

Having Medicare supplement plans or policy, you can visit the doctor, or health care provider, of your choice in the United States, provided the doctor or provider is ready to take Medicare.

Here are few facts that are important to know:

  • There is a need to have Part A and B Medicare so that you can enroll in Medicare supplement plans.
  • In case you own a Medicare Advantage plan, you may apply for Medigap plans; however, ascertain to leave the Advantage plan, prior to initiating Medigap.
  • Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G offers cover to only one person, even if you are a couple. If you and your spouse both wish to have Medigap coverage, then you need to buy separate policies.
  • A monthly premium must be paid to the insurance company by you for the Medigap policy besides the Part B monthly premium to Medicare.
  • Buy Medicare supplement plans now from any insurance company, but ensure they are licenses to sell one in your state.
  • Any Medigap standardized policy assures renewable, regardless of your health issues. This means you can keep the Medigap policy active until you pay premium and the insurance company has no right to cancel.
  • The Medigap plans with prescription drugs were available in the past, but after the year 2006, January, inclusion of the coverage for prescription drug is not permitted. In case you want one, join Part D Medicare and avail the cover for prescription drug.